Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson, the son of U.S. Marine Corps Officer, began his graduate studies in philosophy at San Francisco State University. Here, under the supervision of Professor Anita Silvers, Andrew began investigating conceptual problems related to post traumatic stress disorder suffered by U.S. military personnel of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.


By leveraging interdisciplinary skills cultivated at SFSU, Andrew developed collaborations with the University of California, San Francisco, to build an educational program for U.S. veterans that addressed psychiatric injury and reintegration challenges. Andrew’s contribution, a conceptual analysis of military leadership informed by ancient Stoic philosophy, was incorporated into the UCSF instruction module, “The Next Mission,” for application in the veteran population.


 After receiving his Masters Degree, Andrew took up doctoral studies at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, Western University, Canada. Here, Andrew has broadened his investigation of post traumatic stress disorder to analyze the so called “moral injury” that accompanies the neurophysiological changes typical of combat induced traumatic stress.


Andrew has since been awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in recognition of the leadership and collaborative skills developed at SFSU, and has continued to build lasting relationships between neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and philosophers to address the conceptual problems related to PTSD head on. In bringing together these disciplines to work on the pressing issues of veterans’ health, Andrew has made novel scholarly contributions, which have a direct and measurable impact on the lives of military veterans and their families.  

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