Welcome To Graduate Studies

Congratulations! You have been accepted to one of the 95 master's programs, 27 credential programs, one of the three joint doctoral programs, or the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at San Francisco State University (SF State). You will be joining nearly 6,000 graduate students from every state in the U.S. and from 16 countries. Most of you are juggling fulltime or part-time work and family responsibilities.

Deciding to attend a graduate program is a major, life changing decision. As with any major change, you can expect to deal with moments of self-doubt and times when you wonder if you made the right decision to enter a graduate program. That is normal!

Of course, we hope that you will have many positive experiences as you meet the challenge of graduate work. You should expect to enjoy one-on-one interactions with your lead faculty, small class sizes and opportunities for individual growth through hands-on research, field work and other creative and scholarly activities.

One of the best reasons for attending SF State is our strong faculty who have studied at nearly every major university in the U.S. Your department advisor should be your primary resource and guide about academic issues. However, the Graduate Studies Advisors in

ADM 254 are also available to guide you. Although help is available, the most important rule you should follow as a graduate student is: You and only you are responsible for following all policies and procedures.

Get to know your department faculty early and see them often.

We wish you the very best.

Dean of Graduate Studies