Eliciana Nascimento

Eliciana Nascimento

Eliciana Nascimento earned her MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University. She started her career in filmmaking by making independent documentaries. She co-produced Rhythmic Uprising (Brazil, 2009), and directed Hip-Hop in 7 Lives (Brazil, 2011). Both documentaries cover Afro-Brazilians achieving political and social empowerment through cultural arts.


Entering the MFA program at SF State gave her the opportunity to explore the crafts of narrative filmmaking: writing, producing and directing. With the academic and technical guidance of her SF State professors, she shot her first narrative film, On The Day Matthew Was Born (Brazil, 2011). Nascimento is a native Brazilian who came to the U.S. with the dream of attending a school like San Francisco State University where she could learn crafts that people in her home community did not have access to.


Her goal is to use cinema as a tool to revolutionize lives. She feels empowered by the knowledge she has gained at SF State to tell her people's stories in a way that will spur positive social change.

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