Phil Coffin

Phil Coffin
Recreation, Parks, and Tourism

In his classes at San Francisco State University, Phil Coffin learned about social justice, race, class, and other social issues. In studying the economic, social, and racial factors that may create barriers to participation in recreation, Coffin gained a solid academic basis for the work that he now does every day.


Coffin enjoyed going to class and having intense discussions and presentations about issues that were important to him. Through his experience at SF State, he became more prepared to apply critical thinking, theory analysis, and data-driven decision making to his current job.


Phil Coffin is now a Recreation Coordinator at the East Bay Regional Park District applying his personal passion for the outdoors, his commitment to a healthy lifestyle, his interest in social justice, and his love for the diverse communities of the East Bay to his daily job. On the streets of Oakland, in the parks of Richmond, and on the trails and campgrounds of the East Bay, Coffin gets to fulfill his life’s purpose of connecting people, particularly those that have traditionally been left out of outdoor recreation, with the great outdoors.

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