Russell Jensen

Russell Jensen
Chemistry (Biochemistry)

Russell Jensen grew up in Livermore, CA and earned bachelor's degrees at San Francisco State University in physiology and biochemistry and a master's degree in biochemistry. Russell is currently a 4th year PhD student in the Chemistry Department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Prof. Moungi Bawendi.


Russell’s doctoral research focuses on light-induced processes in colloidal quantum dots. Quantum dots are nanoscale semiconductor crystals that strongly absorb light and can be synthetically tuned to fluoresce light at a range of colors. These properties lend quantum dots to practical applications in solar energy harvesting, display technologies, and biological imaging. However, quantum dots have inefficiencies that can limit their impact in applications.


One critical phenomenon, fluorescence intermittency or “blinking”, causes the fluorescence of individual quantum dots to periodically dim, lowering the efficiency with which they generate light. Russell’s research aims to understand the mechanisms that cause blinking and to help guide synthetic efforts to make brighter, more robust quantum dots for use in emerging technologies.


Jensen was engaged to SFSU alum Areum Kim (College of Health and Human Services Graduate Hood Recipient in 2006) and they were married in July 2013 in Livermore, CA.


Advisor: Prof. Raymond Esquerra, SF State; Advisor: Prof. Moungi Bawendi, MIT

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