Shad Kish

Shad Kish
Electrical Engineering

"Miniaturizing High-frequency Passive RFID Antenna for Biomedical Implants" was a year-long and demanding, yet very rewarding project that was a part of Shad Kish's Master’s thesis while studying Electrical Engineering at SF State.


Rewarding in the sense that, surgeons could benefit from this small implantable wireless RFID board when conducting minimally invasive Anastomosis surgeries, specifically on infants and elderly, to cure bowel obstructions and obesity. In fact, there are over 72000 bowel obstruction surgeries performed on elderly each year solely in California.


Kish continued her work on this project as a volunteer, even after finishing her thesis because of the amazing impact of benefit that this new technology could provide.


Anastomosis is connecting two pieces of hollow internal intestines together and Magnamosis (Magnetic Anastomosis) is a new method that uses two self-orienting ring-shape magnets with outer diameter of 2mm to perform an Anastomosis without the use of staples or sewing. The miniaturized wireless RFID board is a ring-shape board with 2mm outer diameter that, along with the ring-shape magnet, would be inserted in internal bowels/intestines to assist the surgeon in detecting when the magnets are positioned properly and the patient is ready for the surgery. Of course, no one would like the surgeon to “guess” his or her surgery time.


During the time Kish worked on this project, in addition to invaluable technical experiences, she gained a better understanding as how to work as a part of a team as well as making decisions independently when needed and how to improve her time management and project management skills.


Her project won the first place at the 27th Annual CSU Research Competition as well as the first place at the SFSU's 15th Annual COSE Student Showcase, both in May 2013.

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