State University Grant

State University Grant (SUGs) is a gift aid for undergraduate, credential, and classified graduate California residents, paying resident tuition and Registration fees. There is a limited amount of funding each year and all awards are conditional based on the availability of funds from the State. The SUG is designated specifically to pay a portion of students’ basic tuition and fees, any other fee paying financial aid and/or resource you receive will affect the student’s eligibility for SUG.

Enrollment requirement:

Full award = 7 units or more

Half award = 4 – 6 units for graduate students.

Maximum award per semester is $3,369 for graduates.

Limitations for Grad Students: Students with a fee subsidy/waiver are ineligible for this grant. A new CSU policy limits how long students can receive SUG for their degree or credential program:

  •  A graduate California resident may receive SUG up until completing 125% of the minimum units required for the graduate degree program. For example, in a graduate program requiring 30 units, a student could receive SUG until 38 total units have been completed.
  • A credential program California resident may receive SUG up until completing the number of units required for the credential program.
  • Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, second credential, or second master’s degree are not eligible for SUG. The CSU will fund only the first degree.

The maximum number of units is based on those required for graduation and cannot include excess units for a double major, certificate programs you complete while also enrolled in your degree program or units you completed that don't apply to your degree.

A State University Grant is subject to change based on information received from SFSU's Enrollment Services after students initial award. Any units earned (including transfer) or previous degrees completed, could result in a reduced or canceled award. For more information, please visit: