Congratulations to our 3 First Place Winners at this Year’s CSU Student Research Competition!

Sunday, May 1, 2016 - 15:33
SF State Team in Bakersfield

The winners of the preliminary CSU Graduate Research Competition traveled to Bakersfield to attend and compete in the 30th Annual CSU Graduate Research Competition being held this year at CSU Bakersfield on April 29-30, 2016.

Competitors this year presented in a variety of fields from Cellular Biology, to Electrical Engineering, to Industrial Arts. With the support of Dean Ann Hallum and Graduate Studies, faculty and advisors; SF State's team came back victorious in three fields with First Place in Engineering and Computer Science, Physical and Mathematical Science, and Education!

Congratulations to:

Alejandra Franco for her First Place win in Engineering and Computer Science for her research in "Low-Input-Voltage Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Implants".

Alexander Yore for his First Place win in Physical and Mathematical Science for his research in "Giant blue shifted photoluminescence peak from edges of atomically thin semiconductors".

Omar Murillo for his First Place win in Education for his research in "Family Away From Home: Support Systems For Multi-Generational Hispanic Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)".

The CSU Graduate Research Competition promotes excellence in undergraduate and graduate scholarly research, and creative activity. It is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable experience presenting to peers, and having their research reviewed critically. The competition is open to all interested parties.

Here are our ten team members:

Alejandra Franco [FIRST PLACE]

(BS Electrical Engineering)
Low-Input-Voltage Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Implant


Alexander Yore [FIRST PLACE]

(BS Electrical Engineering)
Giant blue shifted photoluminescence peak from the edges of atomically thin semiconductors

Anthony Palmer

(MA History)
Rethinking Stovall v. Archy: Sectional Crisis and Slavery in California

Barkha Sisodia

(MA Industrial Arts)
Design research and methodology showing the process of reaching a solution that addresses problems related to home composting

Darya Almasi

(MS Electrical Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems)
Enhancing Hardware Security Using Spin Transfer Torque Logic

John Rodriguez

(MS Cell and Molecular Biology)
Investigating How Science Students and Faculty Organize Their Science Knowledge

Koji Ozawa

(MA Anthropology)
The Archaeology of Gardens at a WWII Japanese American Incarceration Camp

Marco Monroy

(MS Cell and Molecular Biology)
Male Specific Localization of ZEN-4 Suggests A Novel Meiotic Pathway in C. elegans

Ulises Diaz

(MS Cell and Molecular Biology )
A Drosophila eye deficiency screen for enhancers/suppressors of Jagunal

Omar Murillo [FIRST PLACE]
(EdD Educational Leadership)
Family Away From Home: Support Systems For Multi-Generational Hispanic Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)