SF State brings home three 2nd place winners at this year’s CSU Research Competition.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 11:08

 Please join us in congratulating our contestants and winners at this year’s 28th Annual CSU Student Research Competition! Held at Cal State East Bay May 2-3, our ten SF State winners traveled to Cal State East Bay to represent San Francisco State University at the CSU-wide competition. Students presented their original research spanning fields from biology, gene therapy, to education.

The team underwent training with our speech coach to focus and fine tune their presentations before arriving at the venue.


CSU-wide winners in their category were:

Hibba Ashraf, (2nd Place) presented “Determining Reasons Why SFSU Students Decide to Change from Biology to another Major” in the Education category with special thanks to mentor Kimberly Tanner.

Wes Heidenriech, (2nd Place) presented “Changes in sentence structure and complexity in Augmentative and Alternative Communication based on conversation” in the Health, Nutrition, & Clinical Sciences category with special thanks to mentor Patti Solomon-Rice.

And Kayvan Mojtahedzadeh, (2nd Place) presented “Themoring: A safety feature for old electric stoves” in the Creative Arts & Design category with special thanks to mentor Ricardo Gomes.

Team enroute to Cal State East Bay

Team enroute to Cal State East Bay

This was a strong year for SF State! Below are the rest of our competitors:

Behavioral & Social Sciences:
Luis Guiterrez-Mock (Graduate)
Title: Multiracial Trans People and Bullying: Findings from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey
Mentor: Mickey Eliason and Emma Sanchez

Biological & Agricultural Sciences:
Jennifer Gilbert (Graduate)
Title: Putative Protamines, SPCH-1/2/3 may play a role in fertility in C. elegans
Mentor: Diana Chu

Business, Economics, & Public Admin
Takako Nishikawa (Graduate)
Title: How Different Kinds of Japanese Characters on Sake Labels Appeal to Americans
Mentor: Midori McKeon

Kylie Kenner (Graduate)
Title: Student Rationale for Self-Placement into First Year Composition: Decision Making and Directed Self-Placement
Mentor: Tara Lockhart

Health, Nutrition, & Clinical Sciences:
Eryk Hakman (Undergraduate)
Title: Are there misconceptions about the Coronary system’s role in heart attacks? A novel and reproducible approach to demonstrate the anatomy of a heart attack
Mentor: Gloria Nusse

Miles Culpepper (Undergraduate)
Title: Our Man in Guatemala: The Christian Right, Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, and the Reagan Coalition
Mentor: Charles Postel

Physical & Mathematical Sciences:
Crista Moreno (Graduate)
Title: Three Dimensional Interpretation of Unlinking Mechanism of XerCD Site-Specific Recombinases
Mentor: Mariel Vazquez

SF State’s 2014 Team with Dean Ann Hallum ready to compete at Cal State East Bay SF State’s 2014 Team with Dean Ann Hallum ready to compete at Cal State East Bay