College of Liberal & Creative Arts Programs

Anthropology M.A.

The study of human diversity lies at the core of the Department of Anthropology. Through their graduate careers, our students acquire a detailed knowledge about human populations past and present as well as the essential skills that enable all of us to engage with the world’s modern multicultural community in an ethical and just way.

Art M.F.A.

The three-year M.F.A. program is designed to provide professional competency for the student pursuing a career as an artist including working in a range of public roles. The program offers the following emphasis: ceramics, conceptual and information arts, new practices, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, or textiles.  

Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) M.A.

The graduate program reflects a comprehensive view of the communication discipline with an integration of theory and practice. Our professors bring real-world expertise in the theory and practice of television, video, audio, radio, digital production and content delivery, multimedia, scriptwriting, and media business.

Chinese M.A.

The Master of Arts in Chinese provides graduate-level training in the areas of literature, linguistics and pedagogy, through which the student builds a foundation for further research and language-related careers. 

Cinema M.F.A.

The Master of Fine Arts in Cinema program offers rigorous, professional training in cinema production in conjunction with an understanding of cinema history, theory and aesthetics.

Cinema Studies M.A.

The M.A. in Cinema Studies at SF State offers students the opportunity to pursue graduate research in cinema and media scholarship. We believe that “cinema” refers to all moving image media, from early films to emerging digital media forms. The M.A. program emphasizes not only the study of cinema history, theory and criticism, but of all “cinematic” media and the theories related to them. The curriculum allows students considerable freedom to choose among a wide variety of course offerings, building toward producing a thesis that emphasizes focused research on a specific topic related to their interests.

Classics M.A.

The Master of Arts in Classics introduces students to advanced methodologies used in the study of the ancient languages, the interpretation of ancient texts, and the analysis of material culture.

Communication Studies M.A.

The graduate program prepares students for communication-related careers that require an advanced degree. We invite students into a life of engaged scholarly inquiry in communication with a focus on social justice. Students and faculty work in community where curriculum and scholarship span the breadth of human interaction and performance.

Comparative Literature M.A.

The program combines the objectives of graduate study in foreign languages and literatures with an emphasis on the intercultural and international aspects of literature. The goal of the program is to provide graduate training in subjects common to more than one national literature.

Creative Writing M.F.A.

The M.F.A. in Creative Writing is a 54 unit program which consists of writing workshops as well as creative process and /or literature courses. Our curriculum reflects our commitment to a variety of styles, subjects, and approaches, recognizing the complexity and breadth of contemporary writing.

Design M.A.

The program emphasizes problem-solving competencies that facilitate the ability to solve many problems, which can be both conceptual and practical in nature. Graduate students in the program study visual communication and product design with an interdisciplinary perspective or may develop a specialized area of study in graphic design and/or visual communications, product design and /or manufacturing, industrial technology, project management, or digital media.

English (Creative Writing) M.A.

The Master of Arts in English with concentration in Creative Writing offers students the opportunity to focus on ambitious, constructive exploration of creative written work; central to this exploration is the study of diverse works of literature.

English (Composition) M.A.

The graduate program is intended to train, or give additional training to, professionals in the field of composition, whether they teach or intend to teach at the college, community college, or advanced high school levels, supervise writing programs, or pursue doctoral work in composition or English education.

English (Linguistics) M.A.

The graduate program provides students with a solid grounding in the tools of language analysis. The program provides a background for teachers of English at the secondary and community college levels, for other specialists in education, and for those who wish to pursue advanced studies in the structure of language.

English (Literature) M.A.

The graduate program provides students with opportunities for professionalization in the field of English literature. The program both offer students a broad background in critical theory and literature written in English and provide opportunities for in-depth study.

English (TESOL) M.A.

The graduate program is offered as a result of a local, national, and international demand for persons prepared to perform various services in English as a foreign or second language. This concentration includes work in literature and foreign languages, with electives in Education and the social sciences, as well as specialized work at an advanced level in linguistics and language teaching.

French M.A.

The graduate program offers a challenging and enriching experience for those who are interested not only in the French language but also in French culture and society. The program is primarily focused on the study of literature and culture, from the Middles Ages to the 20th century.

History M.A.

The graduate program offers specialties in the history of the United States, Europe before 1500, Europe after 1500, Latin America, World History, and Gender in History. In addition, the recently adopted concentration in Modern World history gives our students an opportunity to study an important emerging field of history.

Humanities M.A.

The Master of Arts in Humanities is an interdisciplinary program that promotes the cross-cultural study of texts (written, aural and visual), traditions, and courses. Our inquiry focuses on expressive forms, social conduct, values, and artistic insights across human communities.

International Relations M.A.

The graduate degree program is focused on training our students to be international professionals. Our M.A. graduates are well prepared to enter a competitive workforce in government, business and non-profit, or to pursue advanced graduate training leading to a Ph.D.

Museum Studies M.A.

The graduate program is designed to provide professional training in major areas of museum work—Museum Management & Fundraising, Curatorship, Registration/Collections Management, Exhibition Design, Cultural Property Law and Protection, and Museum Education & Public Programming.

Music M.A./M.M.

The School of Music and Dance offers both professional and liberal arts degree programs in music: Master of Arts in Music and Master of Music. The M.A. program is for students interested in advanced Composition Studies, History and Literature, or Music Education. The M.M. program provides graduate study for the superior performer and allows for maximum development of specialized skills in the candidate’s particular area of documented achievement.

Philosophy M.A.

One of the top eight M.A. programs in the U.S. – according to The Philosophical Gourmet – this graduate program provides students opportunities to study with distinguished scholars with expertise in philosophy of science, law, medical ethics, religion, feminism and more.

Political Science M.A.

The graduate program is designed for students who wish to proceed to further post-graduate study at the doctoral level as well as those who seek to terminate their study with the M.A. Areas of specialization within the program may include: American Politics, Political Theory and Comparative Politics.

Spanish M.A.

The graduate program is mostly focused on Spanish and Latin American literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present. Over the course of their graduate studies in Spanish, students acquire a solid grounding in major works of poetry, prose, and theater, as well as the tools necessary to approach these works critically. 

Theater Arts M.A.

The Master of Arts in Theater provides training for students wishing to expand their knowledge and increase their competence in the fields of history and literature of the theatre, acting, directing, theatre design and production.

Theater Arts (Design) M.F.A.

The Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts offers a Concentration in Design/Technical Production and is designed to provide rigorous, professional training to prepare students for careers as professional theatre artists or artist teachers.

Women and Gender Studies M.A.

The graduate program focuses on women, gender, and feminism in transnational and multicultural contexts, preparing students to engage critically with analytical categories such as gender, race, sexuality, nation, class, labor and able-bodiedness.