Graduate Ambassador Profiles

Hi, my name is DeAndre. I'm a first-generation 2nd year graduate student in the psychology department at SF State. I conduct research related to attitudes, group dynamics, and social interventions. I am really passionate about increasing access to education to more people from non-traditional backgrounds and increasing access to education to people in general.

Like many folks, I'm a recent transplant to the Bay Area. When I'm not geeking out on research or statistics, I like to get involved in local politics, motorcycling, and long distance running. If you are interested in hearing any tips on making the most of your experience living in the bay area or going to school at SF State, feel free to reach out to me at


DeAndre Avinger

Bio: Hi, my name is Summer! I am a second-year SPA student in Dr. Matsumoto's Culture and Emotion Research lab (CERL). As a first-generation college student my research interests are rooted in better understanding the academic achievement gap and how to bridge it for other students like me. I am passionate about helping others learn about resources they have access to, to best aid them in their academic and professional success. I believe everyone should have a safe space to exist in where they feel supported and represented. When I am not working on research, you can find me making coffee, playing with my cat, Tails, or falling off my skateboard somewhere. If you have any questions about the Social Personality and Affective Science Master's program or about being a Grad student at SFSU, feel free to reach out at!

Bio: Hi! My name is Olivea Flickinger-Renzi (she/her), and I will be going into my second year as a graduate student in the Department of Communication Studies. In Comm. Studies there are many interdisciplinary subfields, some of which I am still venturing through as a novice researcher, but I do find myself at the intersection of environmental and health communication often. My goal as a research lover and future educator is to be a part of the work that builds de-colonial, anti-racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/xenophobic/capitalist (and more) ways of thinking, to transform the systems in place. I still have much hope that we can all create routes in our separate fields to connect our work to the personal, public, and political change against dominant narratives. I feel deeply invested in building a more accessible and equitable education community. One that de-centers “common sense” ways of executing research, how we communicate and experience learning, while re-centering long standing knowledges and people that offer alternatives yet continue to be silenced through epistemological exclusion. Some things about me are that I live with my twin sister because we are also best friends. We grew up in a small town in Northern California, Placerville, moving together to pursue education and be closer to the family we have in the Bay. I've been at SFSU as a student for five years now and I was a full-time caretaker for my grandma at the start of Rona while graduating with my Bachelors in Spring 2020. I love psychothrillers, social justice-oriented books, and singing for fun! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to discuss the graduate experience, connect about interests, research, or have any questions.

Olivea (she/her)