Graduate Research and Creative Works Winners

Matthew Sweeney

Title: Examining the Efficacy of Social Justice Teacher Preparation Programs for White Teachers

Department: Equity and Social Justice in Education

Faculty Mentor: Ming-Yeh Lee

Benjamin Holt

Title: Marijuana Misinformation: History, Modern Myths, and Current Research Issues

Department: Anthropology

Faculty Mentor: Martha Lincoln

Jazmine Logan

Title: Yoruba Theater in the UC and CSU Campus: Analyzing the Pedagogy of West African Theater in California's Public Universities

Department: Theatre Arts

Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Hunter

Ashley Pereira

Title: Nitric Oxide Signals in Regulation of Heart Looping in Chicken Embryos

Department: Cell & Molecular Biology

Faculty Mentor: Wilfred Denetclaw

Viviane Zurdo Costa

Title: Temperature-Dependent Raman Studies of a Naturally Ocurring Van der Waals Heterostructure

Department: Physics and Astronomy

Faculty Mentor: AKM Newaz

Samuel Benzoni & Charlie Vidal

Title: From the Health of Structure to That of its Occupants

Department: Civil Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Zhaoshuo Jiang