Raymon Cancino, M.P.A. 2008

Kaz Okada, Associate Professor, Computer ScienceThe School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement Alumnus of the Year, 2018

Chief Executive Officer, Community Bridges, 2014--present

As a graduate of two programs in the School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, Raymon Cancino embodies the passion, skill, and leadership we hope defines the work and careers of all our students. Since earning his degrees at San Francisco State University (BA in Criminal Justice Studies & Political Science in 2004 & MPA in 2008), he has used the knowledge and skills he developed while pursuing those degrees to establish himself as a leader in the nonprofit sector.  As he’s progressed throughout his career to date, Raymon has established himself as a leader in social services, and demonstrated his deep commitment to public affairs through roles such as the CEO of Community Bridges.  Raymon has also epitomized PACE’s core values, including equity, social justice, civic engagement and accountability, through his civic engagement work, such as with the Economic Justice Alliance and Positive Discipline Community Resources.  His work and commitment will inspire current students and graduates of PACE programs how to put the values we teach in the classroom into action in their careers and throughout their life.

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