Robert Nakamoto, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Robert NakamotoThe Division of Graduate Studies issues an erratum for our San Francisco State University Graduate Studies 2017/2018 promotional brochure.

We misrepresented Doctor Nakamoto’s name on page 10 as Doctor Nakamura, when we quoted him as stating, “I feel hopeful when I’m on campus because I feel that the students here are the kind who want to make a difference in the world. I'm grateful to be able to engage in critical analysis around education and to be able to dialogue with colleagues around the challenges and social issues facing society. Education can impact lives and is a transformative institution.” We apologize to Doctor Nakamoto and our readers for this error.

Robert Nakamoto was both the Graduate Hood and Distinguished Student Achievement Award Recipient in 2017 for the Graduate College of Education upon earning his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

Bobby Nakamoto's dissertation focuses on how to support public school educators to overcome implicit bias that arises from stereotypes. His dissertation flips self-knowledge on its head and seeks to create equity bias through critical self-knowledge. The dissertation examined if and how teachers' practice changed following implicit bias training. Bobby Nakamoto is one of the most involved student in the Graduate College of Education and in his local community. At the GCOE he serves as a teaching assistant and a graduate research assistant. He advises and supports undergrads to understand complex material around issues of educational equity, provides mentorship, and offers writing support. He is respected by all of his colleagues and is a true leader who takes on conflict with authentic care and confidence.