Double Master's

Double master's degree programs are structured for graduate students who wish to pursue two master’s degrees at once. Double master's degrees require a lot of coordination and planning and may not be ideal for every student. If you are up for the challenge, earning two degrees can help you enhance your knowledge and open up new career opportunities.

To peruse double master’s degrees in SF State:

  1. Student must be currently active in a master’s program and has a good standing in their current degree program.
  2. Student must have completed at least 15 units of their current master’s degree program,
  3. Student must formally apply and be admitted to the new master’s degree program and
  4. Student may not use the same coursework nor complete the same culminating experience for both programs. For concurrent degrees with a common core, faculty of the programs must determine alternative core courses for the second degree.
For more information or if you have any questions about Double Master's Degrees, please schedule an appointment with Graduate Advising