Cal State Apply Application Tips

Cal State Apply Application Tips

Cal State Apply is a Centralized Application Service (CAS) that simplifies the process of applying to San Francisco State University programs. You can start by selecting a program that you want to apply to, then completing the online application for graduate admission and uploading your unofficial transcripts and application documents to the Program Materials section, and then submitting your application. Once received by Cal State Apply, your application and materials will be processed and transmitted to your selected program.

Check out 'Complete the Call State Apply Application' video on the right for more information.

Create your account AND complete your profile:

TIP: Students who will study on a F1/J1 visa must select Non-Resident for U.S. Citizenship Status under your Extended Profile.

Please Note: You will only see a list of programs that aligns with your academic degree objective.

Select a program that you want to apply to:

Narrow your program options using the provided filters.

Campus: Select "San Francisco State University"

Location: Select "Main Campus"

Delivery Format: Select "Face-to-Face" (instructions takes place in a traditional classroom)

Start Term: Select "Fall" or "Spring"

The Online Application is comprised of four sections - Review our TIPS for completing each of these scections:


  • Please provide us with some basic information.
  • Fields noted as Optional may be skipped.


  • We recommend that you select "I don't have a GPA to add" in the GPA entry field. The Division of Graduate Studies will calculate your GPA from your unofficial transcripts as part of our review.


  • You may opt out of all supporting materials, unless your intended program instructs you to use these fields. Select "I Am Not Adding Any Experiences" in this section of the application.


  • Prepare these documents for upload in advance of your application submission.
  • You may need to resize any scanned PDFs so that you do not exceed the MB limit for each document.
  • Use the Recommendations tab to manage submission of letters of recommendation. Letter writer email addresses should be from professional or academic organizations (ex., or, not personal email address.

Need an assistance? Please call (415) 338-2234 or email to: