The Division of Graduate Studies invites you to reapply to your graduate program. You must use the Graduate Studies Express Readmission Form PowerForm through DocuSign. This process exempts you from the Cal State Apply application process and exempts you from the $70.00 fee. You must obtain support from your Graduate Coordinator and designate the coordinator as a signatory to the PowerForm.

Instructions for form

  1. Consult with your graduate coordinator before submitting form
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Enter the name and email address of the graduate coordinator for your program
  4. Complete all sections of the Graduate Studies Express Readmission Form
  5. Sign

If the graduate coordinator for your program approves and signs this form, it will be routed to the Division of Graduate Studies. You will be readmitted within 3-5 business days after approval. You will be notified by email and official letter.

Readmission Requirements

Readmission to a graduate program is not guaranteed. Students must obtain the support of the Graduate Coordinator for the program of study. San Francisco State graduate students must reapply for admission to the University and the department/program if:

  1. they have been absent for two consecutive regular (spring/fall) semesters as a matriculated student; and/or
  2. they have attended another college in any interval of their absence.

To be considered in attendance for any semester, the student must be enrolled in at least one class through the end of the twentieth day of instruction.

In order for previously matriculated SF State graduate students to be eligible for readmission, they must have earned a GPA of 3.0 or better in all coursework attempted in graduate status and, if applicable, all coursework attempted at other colleges during their absence. If more than seven years have passed since the first semester of admission, applicants for readmission must first submit a Petition for Extension of the Seven-Year Limit in order to determine whether courses taken will be allowed for use towards the degree. The dean of the Division of Graduate Studies and the department have the right to deny any previous coursework taken beyond the seven-year limit. If a student has attended any other educational institution following attendance as a matriculated student at San Francisco State, transcripts must be submitted for all academic work undertaken since the student last attended SF State. Students applying for readmission must have been in “good standing” at San Francisco State and must have been making continuous progress toward the degree before leaving their program. Students wishing to re-enter with a GPA lower than 3.0 must improve their GPA by taking courses through Open University before reapplying.

                                      Readmission Policy: 📑

Welcome Back!

SF State is committed to the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. All students, regardless of course preference, are required to upload their proof of vaccination or exemption form to myHealth which is linked below. The platform is what SF State utilizes for all students and where you can upload your proof of vaccination or submit your request for exemption.

* Students will receive a registration hold on their account until proof of COVID-19 Vaccination has been uploaded or an approved exemption form is on file.

Please Note:

  1. To accommodate increased on-campus instruction and the activities for students, the process of confirming compliance with SF State's implementation of the CSU COVID 19 vaccination policy must be completed in advance of registration for semester of readmission.

  2. All students, regardless of mode of instruction for semester of readmission, are required to upload proof of vaccination, or request an exemption for medical or religious reasons.

  3. View questions about student vaccination requirements.

If you have any questions please contact

All SF State students will need to set up their Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA). 2FA is required for the SF State community for the protection of you and your information. You will need to set up your 2FA to access SF State resources and to sign up for New Student Orientation. 

To get started, follow the link below!

It is important to know when important dates and deadlines are approaching. Things such as when tuition is due, the first day of courses, or any holidays and breaks. This link will provide you with dates and details.

Please see the Registration Guide below for more information about how to find the day and time you will be registering for classes (this is referred to as your Enrollment Appointment). It is important to register early for the best course availability. We have provided resources to help refresh you on how to prep for registration, search for classes, and enroll. Click on the link to the online course schedule to begin exploring options for classes offered next semester. 

Your Student Center is home to important information regarding your admission to SF State. Please make sure to check your Student Center often as new Holds and Alerts may populate in there. You will want to be aware and take care of new holds in order to maintain your admissions eligibility.

Checking, understanding, and accepting your Financial Aid, if awarded, is an important step to take in your transition to SF State. If you have any questions about your Financial Aid package, contact the Financial Aid Department. You can also review their website which has useful information and resources for all students and supporters.