Graduate Research and Creative Works Showcase

Justin Phan

Title: Developing the Next-Generation Neural-Machine Interfaces for Neurorehabilitation Applications by Utilizing Sensor Arrays and Spatial Features

Department: Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Xiaorong Zhang

Anna Costanza

Title: Participatory Risk Assessment of Humpback Whale (Megaptera Novaeangliae) and Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) bycatch in Northern Peru

Department: Interdisciplinary Marine and Estuarine Science

Faculty Mentor: Ellen Hines

Laura Lu

Title: Early Adversity and Young Adult Coping Efficacy are Associated with Election-Related Distress in an Ethnically Diverse Sample of Young Adults

Department: Clinical Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Hagan

Katherine Gelinas

Title: Investigating Instructor Talk in Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Classrooms Taught by Graduate Teaching Assistants

Department: Biology

Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Tanner


Written Submission

Submit a research paper or creative work project! Guidelines for project can be found here. All submission must be approved by the Office of Human and Animal Protections, no exceptions.


Additional Supplemental Materials

Visuals will add to your fearure! You may send in a video presentation (no longer than 10 minutes saved in .mp4 format) of your research project to upload and we will feature it on our website after review.
Please send us a head shot to go along with your feature!


Building Connections

If you would like to connect with other students interested in your research, this is an excellent opportunity! Let us know if you are ready to network!