Jee Soo Kang - 2021 Graduate Hood Recipient

Jee Soo KangJee Soo Kang - M.A., Asian American Studies - College of Ethnic Studies

Jee Soo Kang, who is graduating with an M.A. in Asian American Studies, dedicated her thesis to the Korean diaspora and activism demonstrated through art. It explores how Korean Americans who practice p’ungmul, a traditional Korean drumming style, embody activism, challenge systems of oppression and strive for tongil (unification between North and South Korea). Her thesis conveys the urgency and importance of community care and reimagining governmental systems.

Outside of her coursework, Kang has been involved with various SF State programs. She worked as a peer mentor for Asian American and Pacific Islander Retention and Education (ASPIRE), a program that addresses academic barriers that Asian American and Pacific Islander students commonly experience. She also worked as an assistant to help graduate students acclimate to their first year at SF State.