Jessica Lee Dailey - 2020 Graduate Hood Recipient

Jessica Lee DaileyJessica Lee Dailey - M.A., Anthropology - College of Liberal & Creative Arts

Jessica Lee Dailey received her M.A. in Anthropology last summer. Her thesis, “Choosing Resistance: Social Power and Alternative Birth Care in Sonoma County, California,” explores alternative forms of prenatal and birth care and the values of practitioners and their clients who embraced alternative medicine and opposed certain aspects of traditional medicine. In 2018, Dailey received the University’s Jay P. Young Excellence Award for her fieldwork. In November 2018 she presented a paper based on her thesis research at the annual American Anthropological Association conference, representing SF State on the panel “Reproductive Decision-Making in the Wake of Political and Economic Uncertainties.”

Dailey was one of five students accepted into a Ph.D. program in Medical Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, where she began studying in the fall of 2019. For her dissertation, she is researching the complicated ways social contexts mediate access to, experiences with, and health outcomes around maternity and birth care.