Edee Moore - 2023 Graduate Hood Recipient

Edee Moore

Edee Moore - Master of Arts - College of Ethnic Studies

Mutual support and care are at the core of Edee Moore’s graduate-school experience in SF State’s College of Ethnic Studies. As a community-engaged scholar, she has played an integral role in creating a feeling of “home” for her peers as well as faculty and staff.

Moore’s thesis, “Third World Liberation Front or The College of Ethnic Studies: The Experience of Students of Color in the Face of a Global Pandemic,” employs archival research to examine how SF State responded to student needs at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and how students responded by forming their own communities of support, mutual care and self-care. The thesis asks questions rooted in the relationships of care that she has committed to building with other master of arts students — these extend beyond her immediate cohort. 

Even while working full time, Moore has convened meeting groups of Ethnic Studies graduate students in order to support and mentor one another, study together and write together. 

Moore plans to pursue a Ph.D. after completing her master’s degree. Her dissertation will extend her M.A. research findings to examine how the spirit of the Third World Liberation Front of 1968 and 1969 lives on through the relationships of care and mutual support that people develop with one another in the College of Ethnic Studies.