Advancement Candidacy Substitution Submission

About the ATC Substitution form:

Submit this form to:

  • Substitute courses listed on the already approved and submitted ATC form.
  • Substitute a required course/core course.
  • Remove extra courses/ units listed on the ATC form.
  • ATC Substitution form needs to be fill out in coordinator with your program adviser and submitted for final review, approval, and signing through the DocuSign ATC Substitution Submission Portal.

If you are substituting more than 3 courses, please submit a new ATC form.

Instructions for submission:

NOTE: Once you start the routing process for the ATC submission, make sure to complete the form in one session.

  1. Navigate to the ATC Substitution Submission Portal.
  2. Enter the information prompted in the required fields:
    1. Your name and SFSU email address.
    2. The name and SFSU email address of your Graduate Program Advisor.
    3. The name and SFSU email address of your Department Chair/Graduate Coordinator. (Find your Graduate Program Coordinator at:
    4. If substituting a Core Course, you will also need to enter the Name and SFSU email address for Department Chair /Director.
  3. Click "Begin Signing".
  4. Fill out the required fields.
    1. Your information
    2. Courses to be substituted.
  5. Click “FINISH” at the top of the page to send the form for Review.
    1. All approving parties will receive an email requesting review & approval of the ATC form. It is important that you submit accurate information for prompt review/approval.

Upon completion, all parties will receive the finalized copy of the form.

Students should review the finalized version in case the form was not approved or comments were added by advisers.