Advancement to Candidacy Substitution Submission

This form should be submitted to substitute course listed on the already approved and submitted ATC form and/or to substitute a core course. If you are substituting more than 3 courses please submit a new ATC form.

You May Now Submit the Advancement to Candidacy Online!

We are excited to announce that ATC forms may now be submitted through a secure online portal!

Fill out your form through completion (typed forms only) and route the form to your advisor and Graduate Coordinator for approval following the steps listed below.

Submitting Documents through the DocuSign Portal

NOTE: Once you start the routing process for the ATC submission, make sure to complete the form in one session.

To start the process click the link to "Online ATC Substitution Submission", then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your name and email address
  2. Enter the name and email address of your Graduate Program Advisor
  3. Enter the name and email address of your Department Chair/Graduate Program Coordinator (Find your Graduate Program Coordinator at:
  4. Enter the name and email address of your Graduate Program Specialist (Find your Graduate Program Specialist at:
  5. NOTE: Faculty/staff will be notified upon submission of this form that you are requesting their signature on your ATC form. It is important that you submit accurate information for prompt review/approval.
    Core Course Substitutions will also need the approval of the Department Chair /Director.

  6. Click “BEGIN SIGNING”
  7. Fill out the TOP portion of the Petition for ATC Substitution Signature Form
  8. You will need to attach the Advancement to Candidacy Substitution Form in the next step. Click the paperclip icon to begin uploading 
  9. Click “Begin Upload”
  10. Browse to select the document that you wish to upload.
    1. If you need to upload multiple files you can click “Upload File” again to select more
  11. Once all documents are attached you can scroll down to review what will be uploaded
  12. If you are satisfied that everything needed has been attached click “FINISH

Then you’re all done! You will be given an option to download or print a copy of everything that was submitted. Otherwise just click “Close” and you can exit out of the tab.