Advancement To Candidacy (ATC)

The ATC lists the specific requirements you must complete before your degree can be awarded. Once the ATC is approved, you are advanced to candidacy.

Steps to Completion:

  1. Submit your ATC after completing at least eighteen semester units, but no later than the semester before graduating.
  2. Fill out your ATC online - no handwritten materials accepted.
  3. Have your ATC approved by your adviser and the graduate coordinator of your program, and submit it to the GradStop according to deadlines.

Click on the drop-down to download/view the ATC Forms:




ATC Requirements

For important details on what may be included on your ATC form visit the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

ATC Coursework Substitutions

Occasionally, programs are unable to offer a course listed in the Bulletin as acceptable for the degree. When this occurs necessary paperwork must be submitted to amend the ATC form.


If an elective course is not offered or you have enrolled in a different elective after submission of the ATC, an ATC Substitution Form is required.

Core Coursework

However, if a required core course is not offered, a Petition for Waiver of Graduate Program Regulations must be approved prior to enrolling in substituting course and submitted with the ATC form.

Seven Year Limit

Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations requires that a master’s degree shall be completed in no more than seven years. Coursework expires and cannot be used to meet degree requirements after seven years. You can find when your coursework expires here in the Bulletin using our timeline to Degree Completion Table.