Academic Notice/Probation

Students at graduation ceremony

Graduate Academic Notice / Probation

Graduate students who have received notification of Academic Notice/Probation or are Subject to Disqualification, must complete mandatory advising and complete the Mandatory Academic Notice / Probation Advising form. This form must be filled out electronically, and sent to your department advisor or Graduate Coordinator for their review and signature. You must attach an unofficial copy of your SF State transcript showing your most recent grades before submitting your petition to your department for advising. You will not be able to register for class until this form is submitted.

Petition For Reinstatement Following Disqualification

Graduate students who have received notice of Academic Disqualification, and would like to request a one-time exception and reinstatement, must download and complete a Petition for Reinstatement Following Disqualification form. The form will need to be reviewed and approved by the department academic advisor, graduate coordinator, chair, or associate dean. Your advisor will review your record to determine if your petition will be approved. If approved, you must submit a copy of the completed form to the Graduate Program Specialist for processing.

For assistance, book an appointment with your Graduate Program Specialist.