Current Student FAQs

Students at graduation ceremony

All class schedules for every semester are now online. SF State has computer labs on campus for your convenience. You can check the online class schedule at the SF State Student Schedule page.

Many students turn in partial or "in progress" transcripts when they apply to SF State. We ask that you submit a final transcript once they become available. This is especially important if the institution is the one at which you earned your B.A. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a registration hold.

Once you submit your ATC and PCE forms for review to the Division of Graduate Studies, you will be able to see the status of your forms through your Student Center under the “Milestones” section. Please allow 5 business days from the day of submission to be able to review the status of your form. For more information regarding the status of your submitted forms, please contact your Graduate Program Specialist.

The Report of Completion form is issued by the academic department only. Please contact your graduate advisor or program/department office for assistance.

Note: Not every department requires the Report of completion form. Please refer to your ATC form or contact your department for more information.

Advancement to Candidacy and Proposal for Culminating Experience forms must be approved by your department and submitted to Graduate Studies the semester prior to the semester you will enroll in your Culminating Experience course.

Additionally, an "Application for Award of Degree" must be filed online through your ‘Student Center.’ Students who are completing their Culminating Experiences will need to submit:

a) Thesis, Written Creative Work, Dissertation, or Music Composition to the library (for students completing 898, 893, Music 894*, or 998). Before submitting a Thesis, Written Creative Work, Dissertation, or Music Composition to the library, students must complete a preliminary format check. Once completed, students must submit their accessible Thesis and Certificate of Approval to the Library. For detailed information on the format check process and submission guidelines visit our Thesis webpage here:


b) Report of Completion (for students completing an oral defense, 896EXM, 892, 894, or 895). The Report of Completion can only be obtained from your department.

If you did not complete your Culminating Experience course in one semester, your committee chair will also need to file a change of grade electronically or via form to the Registrar's Office.

The degree evaluation process is a lengthy one, involving the verification of satisfactory completion of all courses and the culminating experience project. Evaluations of degrees are usually completed within 90 days of when grades are posted.

Students who have been awarded their graduate degree can expect to receive their diploma in the mail approximately 4-6 months after the degree has been posted on their academic record.

The following students are automatically listed to participate in the Commencement Ceremony in May:

  • Students who have earned their degree in the previous Fall or Summer semesters.
  • Students who apply for Spring graduation.
  • Students who apply for Summer graduation during the Spring application period.

Information packages will be sent out in April. You may also check to see if you are on the list by going to SF State Commencement Page.

After students have received confirmation that their graduate degree has been awarded, students may request a final transcript showing the degree conferred from the Registrar's Office (415) 338-2079 or online with theOfficial Transcript Request form.

You can have your diploma reissued by filling out Request for Reissue of Graduate Diploma form and submitting it to the Graduate Studies.

Students enrolled full-time or part-time in a degree granting program at San Francisco State University (i.e., matriculating students) are eligible for a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 Education for Students.

To obtain the software visit:
For more information regarding available software for student please visit: